COVID-19 Statement


Our Commitment to Patient & Team Safety - Inlcuding Waiting Room Policy


New Beginning Pediatric Rehab (NBPR) is dedicated to the care and safety of our patients, employees & community.


We have returned to normal hours, Monday through Saturday.


We will continue our TeleTherapy (click to view) services.  


Please review the actions, requirements & policies below:


1. CDC Guidance: NBPR follows Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, continually consults with medical authorities and peer organizations around the country, and adopts recommended protocols as appropriate.


2. Sanitizing: NBPR follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for cleanliness, sanitation and sterilization in our clinic.  We use medical grade sanitizers and disinfectants on our hands, equipment & surfaces. We have taken additional steps, over and above their current guidance, to protect our staff and patients at our clinic. We are vigilantly focused on maintaining a clean and safe environment.


3. Screening Requirements: The NBPR team is constantly screened & monitored for fever and symptoms. Patients & parents are required to follow ongoing screening requirements. No person with symptoms of illness will be allowed through our doors.  


Exemptions:  The following policies will have some exemptions based on patient or therapist medical considerations.  Our staff may request a patient or parent wear a mask at any time, or potentially reschedule an appointment, if they have any concerns about illness.  Thank you for your understanding while we navigate our way to gradually return to normal.


Parent Screening: Please cancel your appoinment  if your child demonstrates any of the following:

Fever of 100.4 or higher - Nausea or vomiting - Diarrhea - Cough - Chills or shaking chills - Congestion or runny nose - Shortness of breath - Difficulty breathing - New loss of taste or smell - Muscle aches - Headache - Sore throat 


Notify your therapist when you have traveled so she may determine when your child may resume in-person sessions.

Teletherapy is available if desired.

We do not require a negative COVID test to return after travel and monitor illness by symptoms.


Our policies are the same regardless of vaccination status.  NBPR follows the State of Maryland vaccination requirements for out-patient healthcare providers and proof of vaccination is not a requirement

Travel:  If your child has traveled domestically in the USA,  he/she may attend sessions upon return if they do not present with any symptoms. 


4. Masks: Updated Mask Policy - 3/21/22

All countines including HOWARD COUNTY IS NOW A “LOW” Level Risk per the Howard County Health Department.*


Masks are now optional for patients, parents and therapists in private treatment rooms.  Please have a conversation with your therapist to determine if either of you request the other wear a mask.


Masks are still encouraged in common areas, such as hallways and in the open gym.  Anyone that is not able to wear a mask in the common areas is encouraged to socially distance.  

*COVID-19 Community Level Approach to COVID in the Community

The CDC released a new framework to monitor the level of COVID-19 in communities that includes hospitalizations, hospital capacity and cases. This new approach called COVID-19 Community Levels, focuses on preventing hospitals and the healthcare system from being overwhelmed and directing prevention efforts toward protecting people at high risk for severe illness. Rather than focusing on eliminating all virus transmission, CDC will recommend prevention measures, such as masks, when the level of severe disease in communities has the potential to overwhelm the healthcare system. These prevention measures can reduce that strain and avoid crisis.  


Going forward, recommendations will be based on the level of COVID-19 in a community and the strain on healthcare;  


5. Distancing: Therapists and patients are currently being limited in the clinic to promote social distancing.  (change from to ensure 6' distancing).


6. Hand Washing: Patient, therapist & parent are all REQUIRED to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer, prior to treatment or as needed during treatment.


7. Waiting Room Policy: NBPR enforces a “Closed” waiting area policy: (More restrictive than current CDC guidance)

          - Please arrive at the time of your session and meet your therapist at our main door (entrance at rear of building as always).  

          - Please return to your car while your child receives therapy.  If it's required for a caregiver to be present your therapist will allow one adult to come back to the session.

          - Consider making plans for siblings to stay home or wait in the car with a parent/caregiver while your child receives services.  

          - If you must stay in our waiting room please allow 6' minimum distance between people.  Again, waiting in your car is requested.

          - No patient or family member that presents with illness will be able to remain for sessions.  

          - We have removed toys from our waiting room to reduce the number of toys and materials that require cleaning.

          - Suggestion for sibling(s): Waiting in the car with a parent/caregiver:   Perhaps a child's allowed "screen time" can be coordinated during his/her sibling's therapy session.


8. Signage: NBPR has placed door signage reminding those not to enter if they are experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath.


9. Remain Informed:  Staying informed is important and we encourage you to review the links below:


Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Frequently Asked Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Travel Advisory Information


With this shared commitment, we are confident we can continue delivering the same high level of care you have come to expect from us.


Please contact us with any quesitons 410-796-8499.