Making a Difference since 2002

We are dedicated to improving the lives of infant to adolescent aged children who are experiencing orthopedic, neurological and developmental challenges.


What makes our practice different is our staff. Our therapists are highly experienced, compassionate, and well trained.  Our mission is to maximize each patient's quality of life.

Our Therapy Services


Physical Therapists can help improve movement and mobility deficits so children can safely navigate their environment.

Speech & Language

Speech and Language Pathologists can help treat difficulties related to speech, language and communication.


Occupational Therapists can help children who struggle with fine or gross motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing and daily self help skills.

Our Advantages

Certified Therapists


Each member of our team is an experienced pediatric therapist and skilled in his or her own field of knowledge.



Our practice is highly respected by many parents, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and pediatricians in Maryland.

Therapy Excellence


We utilize some of the most advanced treatment techniques and equipment in the area.


We truly appreciate your support. Gillian and the rest of the staff have been truly wonderful support to Arianna. More power to NBPR!!!


~ Arlene

Your therapists are so good and priceless.  Your center is a rock in my life.   They have also been very helpful and great in listening to all my concerns.  All of them help coach and educate our family.



Thank you for your vision and coordinating the best therapists.  They are all truly talented.  May 2018 be amazing and full of accomplishments for all patients.  


~ Heather